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We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company Best in Jobs, which is a specialist recruitment platform focusing on healthcare workers to include Nurses, Senior Carers and Assistant Carer. We place highly skilled, qualified and experienced personnel into these specific job roles. Thus, ensuring your business is operating with the best quality staff providing unparalleled customer service and care for your residents. We have 45 years experience in recruiting candidates in various job roles across many sectors. Brief History Vidya (CEO) built up his company portfolio of real estate. He also built up a top-notch leading domain to provide care home services currently standing at 20 homes. From this experience, Vidya and his family is well cognizant about the recruitment process and the need for high quality caring healthcare staff within the Care sector. As you are aware there is a huge shortage of healthcare employees in the UK, Vidya formed a company “Best in Jobs” whose vision is to connect employees with companies, providing the finest quality of recruitment service.

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