Planners and executers of circuitry to buildings for well-lit fire-free rooms, apartments, and workstations. The primary role of electricians includes installation, inspection, and testing of electrical apparatus and different alarms to ensure safety. Jobs for electricians are mainly focused on making electric cables work properly and taking care of the wiring within the premises to prevent fire. We are looking for electrician for electrician jobs in UK and electrician jobs in London.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Timely inspection of electrical systems, wiring and equipment
  • Fixing faults or replacement of parts and troubleshooting issues
  • Surveillance of electrical systems for private and public sites and buildings
  • Making drafts and technical diagrams
  • Connecting sockets, switches, light fittings and appliances
  • Supervising and providing support to installation teams as and when needed
  • Informing management about changing any old electrical equipment
  • Keeping track records of materials used and orders completed
  • Following blueprints, wiring diagrams and manufacturer’s installation manuals
  • Proactiveness at times of emergencies such as power cuts
  • Adhering to strict safety regulations of national electrical safety standards and regulations
jobs for electricians

Educational Qualification

  • High school diploma or
  • Degree in Electrical Technology or
  • Completed level 2 and level 3 diplomas in Electrical Installation Training


  • Communication skills and mathematical knowledge
  • Knowledge of engineering science and technology
  • Diplomatic skills
  • Basic safety skills
  • Good eye-hand coordination
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Good physical fitness
  • Ability to distinguish between wires of distinct colours