Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a job with Best in Jobs is straightforward. We have various openings in the following sectors

    • Healthcare
    • Hotel Administration
    • Office Administration
    • Domestic Private Staff

The consultation service charges are completely free. You only have to pay for the visa application and the immigration costs

Applying for a job through our website is easy. You have to follow the  given steps 

1. Go to “view current open positions.”

2. Click on your desired job

3. Read and analyse the given job description

4. If you find the job description as per your requirements, click on the “Apply for this job” button

5. Complete the application and submit the form

6. Now, sit back and wait for our call.

7. Our team will review your application, and if deemed fit, you will receive a call.

In this case, you can still submit your CV to us, and as soon as we have an opening, your CV will be considered first. 

Nowadays everything is done online, so meeting in person is not that necessary. Our team at Best in Jobs reaches out to you through virtual meetings, i.e., via Zoom meetings or through What’s App voice calls. And if you are worried about the process, our team will guide you through it efficiently. 

In the meantime, after submitting the application and waiting for a callback, you can prepare for the mock interview. And in this time frame, we: 

1. Review your submitted application and the documents attached

2. After reviewing the application, you will be contacted and given additional information about the process.

Once you have applied with Best in Jobs, our team will review your resume and provide you with relevant feedback that will emphasise more on your strengths to help you land your desired job. 

It is recommended that you go through the interview questions document provided to you on your email id to understand and prepare for the interview. You can also connect with the recruiter with whom you are actively engaged. You can also call your recruiter at Best in Jobs to resolve your queries. 

 The salary in the healthcare industry is determined by the position held.