Important Tips for Candidates


  • Make sure that all concerned are notified and are available at the specified times;
  • Make sure that the applicants are aware of any documentation or certificates which you require them to produce before interview, e.g. proof of identity such as a passport or birth certificate, recent photograph, exam certificates, proof of admission to professional bodies, etc;
  • Compare the job description and personnel specification with the applications received;
  • Plan questions to elaborate on the application form details and clear up question areas, e.g. periods of unemployment; your expectations;
  • Arrange a structure to the interview;
  • Make sure that there will be no interruptions


  • Put the applicant at ease;
  • Outline the organisation’s background;
  • Ask the applicant to elaborate on the application in appropriate areas, particularly those which influenced the decision to short list or which may be relevant to the working time legislation;
  • Use open-ended questions, e. do not use questions that can be answered “yes” or “no”;
  • Do not ask discriminatory questions or base selection decisions on discriminatory views (e.g. in respect of race, sex, spent convictions, trade union membership, disability);
  • Outline the post in question, detailing the main terms and conditions;
  • Allow the applicant to ask questions;
  • Make sure details of acceptable referees are available and, where applicable, that documentary evidence of qualifications, etc., is checked;
  • You should be prepared to answer any basic questions they may ask about this procedure;
  • Tell the applicant when he/she can expect to hear the outcome of the interview;


  • After the selection, Candidate will be provided with Employment contract and references form. Once duly signed and send documents to us.
  • Employer will issue a Certificate of Sponsorship for candidate.
  • Candidate is eligible to apply for visa process.

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