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Your application has been accepted. This means that we can proceed with the next steps. The interviews that come next are very important as it gives the employer a more meaningful insight as to who you are as a person. Interviews can be heart racing so it is important you are fully prepared. Here are some tips to help you get confident and ready for your big moment:

  1. Research the company you applied for

Knowing what the company does and what their goals are will provide you with a head start. Having an initial insight on what the company is all about will make you more comfortable answering questions and as a result, the interview will be more engaged. It will also show the employer your determination to start working for them. During your research, note down some questions you wish to ask them such as “what was the company’s first achievement in business?” or “what charity do they support”?  

    2. Organize a mock interview

Ask family and friends if they can help you role play an interview. This would provide helpful feedback in improving your body language, the way you answer questions and your confidence. Then try repeating this with other people to gain feedback on what you need to work on. Practice makes perfect! On the day of the interview, it may be beneficial to organise one final mock interview to go over everything once again.

   3. Ask questions

Always have questions ready for the end of the interview. Engaging in conversations is important, but asking questions is also just as important. Refrain from asking questions such as “When will I hear back from you?” or “How much do you earn?” and have questions that will present the employer with your genuine interest. Some good ones to keep in mind are:

  • If I were to be successful, how would I impress you in my first 3 months?
  • What was the biggest challenge you faced working here?
  • What are your plans for business growth and how can I help?
  • What was the last company event you participated in or hosted?

   4. Body language

Body language is key to making a good first impression. When in an interview, avoid fidgeting, playing with your hair and face, crossing your arms, slouching, and pretending to be someone else in hope to impress the employer. Instead, It is important to always maintain eye contact with the employer interviewing you, give them a warm greeting, sit smartly and be your best self. 

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