Terms & Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Best in Jobs (“we” or “us”) website and your relationship with us. You are requested to read them carefully as they may affect your rights and liabilities under the law. The use of the site is restricted. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, it’s our sincere request that you do not use this website.


You accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking “I agree” or a similar button when you sign up for our services. 

1. Terms of Business

This page contains the Terms of Business under which you may use our website. The stated terms constitute an agreement that is binding between the client, the candidate, and Best in Jobs. Any user who violates these terms will have their access suspended or even terminated on the Best in Jobs website, at the sole discretion of Best in Jobs. 

2. Use of the Site 

Our site must be used for lawful purposes when seeking jobs or recruiting new staff. In no case is it allowed to undermine the security of the website or any other information either available or submitted to the website. You must not seek access to, alter or delete any information to which you have no access. You must not overload the system via spamming, flooding, or crashing the software. 

3. Information on the Site

We ensure that any information provided to you through our website is accurate and complete. Any information provided by any third party may or may not be accurate or complete, and we do not take responsibility for such information.

We refuse to accept any liability arising from any inaccurate information or omission of any information on our website that is supplied by you, any third party, or any person using our website.


4. Registration on the Site

To receive any notifications, job alerts, or any other form of update, you must register on our website. While registering, ensure that the details provided by you are complete and actively in use. Upon registration, you will be asked to create a password to continue using the website, and it is a safe and suggested practice that you keep your password confidential to prevent any kind of fraudulent activity. If, in any case, we come across that your account was created for any misuse of the site, then your account shall be suspended by us.


5. Site Content Rights

You agree to use the website in a way that respects the international copyright, software, and trademark laws that protect the rights to the content on the website. You are allowed to copy content from the website for personal or domestic use only; commercial or business use is not permitted.


6. Availability of the Site


Our website may not be available if the site crashes down due to some unforeseen events or is under maintenance or updating. Your logins might not work when the site is not available for use, but we will try to make it available in a reasonable time frame.

7. Laws and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and privacy policies are governed under English law and apply to the usage of this site. The Courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction over settling any dispute arising out of the usage of this site, any connection with this site, or any agreements made using this site.

The services provided by us may be restricted in some other countries outside of the UK. We refuse to take any responsibility if you take undue advantage of such situations.


8. Changes in the Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions mentioned above change from time to time. You are requested to keep visiting this page frequently for any updates to the Terms and Conditions. With every new update, the previously applicable Terms and Conditions will be withdrawn, and you will have to agree with the updated Terms and Conditions.


Last Updated on 17/04/2023