Attaining a Sponsor Licence is no more a headache.

Best in Jobs is here to provide you step-by-step guidance and support. We serve you at a fixed cost 

Sponsor Licence

How Best in Jobs helps you become a Sponsor?

sponsor licence

1. Follow our step-by-step.

With our step-by-step guidance and support, you will be given the data that you need to build your case accurately and you will be led throughout the process, making it easy for you.

2. The Best in Jobs team of experts reviews your case.

Your case must be complete before submission, so we ensure that every detail is properly filled in. We also add a professional cover letter that helps boost your chances of approval.

3. Submission of the application to the Home Office

We submit your sponsor licence application to the Home Office once it is fully ready to submit.

4. The final step

You’re a sponsor now. With the licence of a sponsor, you can now sponsor the best talents available globally.

Our other services

Skilled Worker Visa​

Boost your skilled worker visa application process and hire the top talents at a much faster rate with our professional support.

Immigration and Visa Application

We provide immigration and visa application facilities to all our overseas candidates at an affordable cost.

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

Attain your CoS without any hassle through our step-by-step guidance.

Hire Global talent

Experience a seamless hiring journey with us. Be it hiring within the boundaries or go beyond; our team is available 24*7 by the clock to assist you

What more do we have for you?

Candidate Eligibility Assessment

Best in Jobs also provides a complimentary expert support to help you assess the eligibility of your candidates.

With our complimentary eligibility assessment, you receive:  

  • Insights into the eligibility of your candidates
  • Tips on the eligibility criteria of the candidates to avail for sponsorship
  • A visa arrival timeline of the selected candidates
  • A detailed fee structure and assessment report for the services (which includes the Home Office fees and Best in Jobs fees)