Vidya Goyal

Founder and CEO of Best in Jobs

Vidya Goyal completed his education with a diploma in Electrics and Electronics from Thurrock and Basildon University. He has always had a soul of an entrepreneur. Starting with Metro Properties in 1978 in the UK, further establishing a cosmetic brand Vivien Kondor London. He is a well-known face in the healthcare sector and in the real estate sector.

Later in 1997, he invested in Hallmark Care Homes, now a well-known care home in the healthcare sector. He knew that care homes were the future of Great Britain. Today, he stands as the sole largest investor in Hallmark Care Homes. He also aims to make a fundamental change in Indian development which lead him to invest in the Indian industrial markets as well.

With all these years of experience and all the ups and downs, he further started working on the recruiting side of the market. With all his healthcare knowledge and groundwork, he started Best in Jobs in 2020.

The vision and mission behind starting Best in Jobs are to provide world-class nurses and care assistance to the care homes in the UK for the people of the UK. Best in Jobs proved to be the best recruitment agency in the UK.

Vidya Goyal

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Best in Jobs is one of the most trusted and reliable international recruiting agency platforms. Maintaining an excellent track record of recruiting 250+ candidates and partnering with 10 big organisations in the UK. We have inculcated the changing innovations in technology and very well adapted it. The entire recruiting process is held virtually through online interviews, ensuring a smooth connection between employers and candidates worldwide. Our partners receive pre- and post-recruiting services for a seamless candidate experience.

We help companies place highly skilled professionals into their organisations. Our employers are treated as partners and assisted in achieving their goals and objectives. With a 90% success rate, hiring satisfaction stays uncompromised, and our partners are living proof. We hire for you on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and quick closure of vacant positions. Our vision is to provide the highest-quality recruitment services.

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