Sylvester Robinson Obimah

July 14, 1991

About Candidate

Since beginning in the role as a carer in care environment, I have consolidated my learning from early days as carer and have become confident in completing my duties in this role. I have the ability to complete day to day tasks without issue and have become increasingly more competent in managing more challenging situations that arise in care environment. I wish to continue developing my knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions and develop my skills in helping people cope with such conditions and aid them in their personal recovery. I enjoy working as part of a team and have a good understanding of individuals roles on the ward. I have regularly participated in daily management meetings where tasks relating to residence care are prioritised an allocated. During residence reviews I contribute a nursing assessment of mental state and the recovery progress. I have advocated for residents to ensure their dignity and rights are upheld. When allocated as carer in charge of shifts, I have taken on this responsibility with no issues. When I have been carrying out this role I have been able to ensure the smooth running of the home and supporting staff to complete their tasks to a good standard. I am able to manage my own caseload of residents. I can assess their ability to cope with daily living and offering assistance where needed whilst also promoting independence and autonomy. I hope to gain more experience so that I can increase my responsibilities and progress in my career in the future. I have experience of providing a variety of interventions. Over the past year I have engaged service users in talking therapies using aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy for eating disorders as part of a secondment role as eating disorder specialist. This skill has been transferable and I have been able to use this with residents within the care environment. I have experience of completing referrals to other services but have also participated in referral meetings to discuss the appropriateness of referrals and prioritising them appropriately on a waiting list. In my current place of work I have been required to work a variety of shifts including 7-19, 19-7, night shifts and some long days. I have managed to adapt my work-life balance well to all types of shifts and have enjoyed this variety. I have gained experience in information sharing through daily huddles discussing staffing and other issues as well as care based handovers of care issues and residient updates. i have good skills in record keeping and communicating with fellow professionals. I feel confident in building rapport with residients, families and carers and establishing therapeutic relationships followed by appropriate endings through discharge planning.

Permanent Address
40, Sleaford Road, Liverpool



Business and Management 2023/2024
university of Sunderland

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