Immigration Salary List: Updates 2024

The Immigration Salary List (ISL) has replaced the Shortage Occupation List with effect from 4 April 2024. This change comes as a result of recommendations by the independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).


What is the UK Immigration Salary List?

The UK Immigration Salary List, introduced as a replacement for the Shortage Occupation List within the framework of the UK’s Skilled Worker route under Immigration Rules, serves as the official inventory of skilled professions facing shortages in the labour market. Although the Shortage Occupation List will undergo a name change to the Immigration Salary List, it will remain operational until various elevated salary thresholds come into effect on April 4, 2024. This initiative to establish a new list forms part of a broader set of immigration policies unveiled by the government on December 4, 2023, aimed at curbing immigration abuse and reducing net migration in the UK.


One significant impact of the Immigration Salary List (ISL) is the elimination of the 20% salary discount previously applicable under the “going rate” system for occupations listed on the Shortage Occupation List. This discount allowed applicants in shortage occupations to be paid 80% of the standard rate for their respective occupation codes.

Immigration Salary List Minimum Thresholds

In addition to abolishing the 20% ‘going rate’ salary discount, the general salary threshold for occupations listed on the Immigration Salary List has been set at £30,960. Consequently, professions featured on this new list must meet either this £30,960 benchmark or the specific threshold designated for their occupation, whichever amount is higher.


Furthermore, the minimum earnings threshold for occupations not included on the Immigration Salary List has been raised by 48%. Simultaneously, individual occupation-specific ‘going rate’ thresholds have been adjusted to align with the median full-time wage for comparable roles in 2023.


The general salary threshold for those entering the UK via the Skilled Worker route now stands at £38,700, reflecting an increase to the 50th percentile (median) of eligible Skilled Worker occupations based on the latest nominal wage data.


Any migrants aiming to enter the UK through the Health and Care Worker Visa route will be exempt from the specific £38,700 salary threshold requirement imposed on Skilled Workers.

How to use the UK Immigration Salary List?

The Immigration Salary List identifies occupations in which UK employers encounter a shortage of suitable labour and where migration serves as a practical solution to address this scarcity. Therefore, job roles are included on this list only if they meet specific criteria: they require suitable skills, face a shortage of available resident workers, and immigration is deemed a viable short-term solution.


However, while pay scale occupations have been omitted from the Immigration Salary List, this doesn’t imply they aren’t experiencing shortages or diminish the societal importance of many of these roles. Instead, their absence from the list doesn’t enhance their ability to leverage the immigration system effectively.





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