Registered Nurse

June 8, 2023
£20.6 - £22.5 / hour
Application ends: November 8, 2023
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Job Description

The roles and responsibilities of Registered Nurses are pretty challenging and very vital in the healthcare sector. As a nurse you are expected to carry out the several different duties which surrounds caregiving, and activities that require utmost professionalism. You are expected to work with a team of doctors, social workers, therapists and other professionals. Most of your time as a nurse will be spent on monitoring patients, providing them care and advising them. You will also be expected to work in shifts and even under busy workload. 


Typical duties of Registered Nurses include: 

  • Assessing, observing, and speaking to patients 
  • Maintaining and Recording symptoms and details of patient’s medical history 
  • Preparing patients for exams and treatment 
  • Administer and monitor patients for side effects and reactions from medications and treatments. 
  • Creating, implementing, and evaluating patient care plans with the medical team 
  • Assisting in medical procedures as and when needed 
  • Performing wound care, such as cleaning and bandaging 
  • Drawing blood, urine samples, and other body fluids for lab work 
  • Operating and monitoring medical equipment 
  • Educating and answering the questions of the patients and family members on treatment and care plans 
  • Supervising licensed practical and vocational nurses, nursing assistants, and nursing students 

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